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Prior to 1900, Alamogordo faithful traveled to Tularosa in order to celebrate mass.


However, due to the difficulties experienced traveling primarily by horse and buggy, an Alamogordo parishioner had a large room built adjacent to his home in which priest from Tularosa could celebrate Mass. It wasn't long, however, before the room could no longer accommodate the large number of people. Therefore, the second floor of a local grocery on the corner of 9th & New York became the location for Sunday service.


In 1900, parishioners decided to build their own church. They purchased land at 7th and Delaware and began the process of making adobes with which to construct the building. Construction was completed in 1904 with celebration of Mass by Father Millon of Tularosa. Fr. Michael Egan was soon assigned as the first resident pastor of the newly constructed immaculate Conception Church.


In 1929, Fr. Giron became pastor. He began his tenure by enlarging the priest's residence and building a Parish Hall. He was also responsible for purchasing the land where the parish cemetery is located. Fr. Torrandell was assigned in 1932, serving as pastor until his death in an auto accident in 1950.


Fr. James B. Hay became pastor succeeding Fr. Torrandell. During his pastorate, electricity and gas were installed in all the buildings, the choir loft was constructed and work began on a kitchen for the Parish Hall. In 1954, Fr. Hay bought two lots at 8th and Hawaii Streets on which to build a school. In December 1956 the school and convent were completed. Dedication of Immaculate Conception School took place in November 1957. Sometime in the 1960s, the name was changed to Fr. James B. Hay School.


In 1965, Fr. Ralph Barranger became pastor and Fr. Wilfred Diamond was assigned as Spiritual Director of St. Jude Mission, built to accommodate the ever-growing Catholic population of Alamogordo. There have been a steady succession of priests and pastors, too numerous mention, from Fr. Vince Ryan, through Fr. Tom Beggane and Fr. Dennis O'Mara, to Frs Bryant Hausfeld and Gregg Petri, all of them making tremendous contributions to the community. serving faithfully and enriching the lives of immaculate Conception Church parishioners.


Our parish continues to grow and prosper through the efforts of our pastoral staff and all those people who willingly give their time, talent and treasure to make Immaculate Conception Local Church Community a model religious community. Each year our annual Fiesta becomes larger, better attended and known throughout the region, as well as the diocese. Funds generated by this parish event go to improving church property and parish programs.


It is by God's will that we have progressed thus far though history. Let us pray that we can continue to celebrate the richness of our Catholic traditions and the melting of our cultures that is Immaculate Conception Local Church Community and that our future is as bright and beautiful as our heritage.

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