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History About Our Fiesta de la Familila: News


The streets and grounds surrounding Immaculate Conception Church of Alamogordo have been a place where families and community have gathered for well over 50 years.


Fiesta was even held for a few years in the halls of Fr. James B. Hay Catholic School. Fiesta began as a small church bazaar to serve as a church fundraiser. After taking a few years off in the mid 1980’s, Fiesta was restructured in 1990. Fiesta has grown from a small talent show, petting zoo and Queen Coronations to a well-organized event of church and community volunteers showcasing a wide variety of talent, games and food.


Fiesta has seen three and four generations of family donating their time and talents to the success of this grand event. We have seen teenagers and children working side by side with parents to learn the perfect trade of making gordita’s and enchilada’s, and we have seen youngsters evolve from dancing in the street to heading off for college or starting their own families.


The time, talent and love donated to Fiesta is the heart of its success. Fiesta is a three day event in early October, but the planning, the creation, and the cooking begins much earlier. You can smell the aromas of baked goods, roasted green chili, and ground beef weeks before Fiesta begins. You can see and hear the sounds of booths being constructed and the main event tent being raised by dedicated and giving volunteers of this church community.


From tantalizing Enchiladas, Gorditas, Posole, and Roasted Corn to Funnel Cakes, Taquitos, Stuffed Sopapillas, and so much more! Know that over 5,395 pounds of food was bought, prepped and cooked to bring Fiesta alive last year. Ask anyone what their favorite food or memory of Fiesta is and you will surely never hear the same answer. Many will tell you they have waited all year for a gordita, others will say the enchiladas, and still others will say that cascarones are their favorite memory. A cascarone is an emptied and cleaned egg shell, decorated and filled with confetti that you can toss or smash over your loved ones head.


As you stroll through Fiesta, look at the confetti dusted streets to understand the smiles of children of all ages; it is a time for family, it is a time to let down your hair, it is a time to relax and enjoy the love and fruits of Fiesta.

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